Welcome to loans with no upfront fees

No Upfront Fee Loans are here to help you get the loan you need without being ripped off by paying an upfront loan fee.

We are a UK loan company that doesnt charge any fees for arranging your no credit check loan, tenant loan, payday loan or guarantor loan.

Well here at Loans No Upfront Fees we understand that many UK borrowers are struggling to find not only find the right type of finance or credit for their needs but are also struggling to find a company that doesnt charge an upfront loan or application fee and unfortunately the internet is full of companies like this that do charge fees and have absolutely no interest in doing the right thing for their client.

Fortunately, here at The Loan Arrangers, we do not feel the same and we make it our mission NEVER TO CHARGE ANY UPFRONT LOAN FEES.

Regardless of the loan amount you require, we can help because we deal with literally hundreds of loan applications everyday and this includes payday loans, tenant loans, cash advance loans and any type of loan you may be looking for. You can apply online simply by completing the online application form and as soon as you submit it, one of our loan advisers will give you a call to take some further details off you, process the loan application and then arrange for the loan to be transferred into your bank. Usually, the whole loan process takes just 4 working days from start to finish and unlike other loan companies, we wont bombard you with incessant texts nor will we pass your details on to anyone else. You have applied to us for a no upfront fee loan and that means your details will stay with us and only us.

We can help you get a loan with no upfront fees even if:

  • You have a bad credit history

  • You have been turned down or refused by other lenders

  • You have only just started working

  • You have been credit blacklisted

  • You are about to go bankrupt

  • Your house is going to be repossessed

  • You have County Court Judgments (CCJs) or defaults

  • You have rent or mortgage arrears

Payday loans, unsecured loans, homeowner loans and guarantor loans from £100 to £50,000 even if you have a bad credit history. Both private tenants and council tenants can apply for a loan as we specialise in online tenant loans. We are not affiliated with any other broker nor do we have any association with any other finance companies because we are a completely independent loan broker.

A couple of things you need to remember

Applying for a loan can be the easiest or hardest thing in the world to do. If you provide all of the information we ask for then its a breeze, it really is dead simple.

If you dont then it means we are going to keep on going back and forward until we get all the information we need and we will be just as frustrated as you! Remember, every single loan provider in the UK, whether they provide loans with no fees or other unsecured loans, will need the following from each borrower.

Photo ID. A passport or driving licence. A photocopy is ok.

Wage slip for 1 full month. If you are paid weekly then 4 weeks wageslips will be required. If you cannot provide these items then you may be asked to provide a bank statement.

You may also be required to provide the following in some cases:

Proof of address. If you are not on the Electoral (voters) roll then you may be asked to provide a utility bill such as a electricity, gas or water rates bill.

As long as you provide these items then your loan application should be fairly straightforward. Obviously if you are applying for a short term loan until payday then these documents may not be needed but you would need to tell us at the outset that you are looking to apply for a payday loan.

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